After returning from a ten year spell living and working in Belgium, I decided to join a photographic club in my new home town of Colchester, my interest in photography had been rekindled whilst out in Belgium so much so that I went out and invested in a new camera setup, my choice was to go with Nikon film system, which I felt offered me what I wanted out of a camera. A few months after that I then decided I wanted to move my photography to the next level. Our local collage was running an A-Level evening class in photography, a two year course which after completion, resulted in my gaining a top A-level mark.
I decided to continue with my studies and started off specialising in wedding and portrait photography, I had a passion for taking photographs of people and nearly everything else and I always try to portray my feelings within the images, but as I got near to retiring age, I started to move away from weddings. 
The digital era started in the early 2000's and after much deliberation, I took the step and moved over to the Canon system, firstly with a 20D, then a 30D, after a few years with those two I acquired a 7D and 5D Mk2, with a good selection of lenses.
For many years I had enjoyed sport photography, particularly specialising in cycle racing and have taken many images in different places around Europe. 
Originally a member of two front line photographic clubs in the North Essex and South Suffolk areas. On retirement I moved to Mid-West Wales leaving behind a great number of friends, but since my move have made even more. Now living where I do, I have been enjoying quite a bit of nature and learning the art of Landscape photography. 
In 2016 I joined the United Photographic Postfolios (UPP) postal club and when in 2020 they started using Zoom as a way of photographic discussion, I joined an Infrared Circle within the club. Seeing a way forward I decided that there was a need for a Monochrome Circle, this quickly filled to the maximin of twelve members, so I started a second, both are now full. 
I have met some very interesting people along the way, learning from their skills and contributing to a number of exhibitions and events in and outside both areas. 
Back in 2016 I decided to change my kit from Canon to Olympus due to the amount of weight I was carrying around and from that day on, I have not looked back. 
My kit now comprises the following:- 
Olympus now OM System:-
E-M1 Mkii converted to Infrared 920nm. 
E-M1 Mkiii. 
Along with the following lenses: 
7-14mm f1:2.8                        2 x 12-40mm f1:2.8
40-150mm f1:2.8                   100-400mm f1:5-6.3
300mm f1:4                           75mm f1:1.8                          
60mm f1:2.8 Macro              17mm f1:1.8
MC14 Tele Converter           MC20 Tele Converter
EE-1 Dot Sight
2 x Nissin i40 Flash Guns    1 x Nissin i60A Flashgun
1 x Nissin Air 1
1 x Rotolight NEO 2              1 x Elinchrom EL-Skyport
1 x Westcott FJ80ii Speedlight
Plus, Olympus film cameras OM1n and 2 x OM10
2 x 50mm f1:1.8 Lens.            Tamron 70-150mm f1:3.5 Lens 
F-Stop Ajna 37l DuraDiamond Bag with Large ICU   
F-Stop Tilopa 50l Bag with X-Large ICU
Tenba Messenger DNA 11 

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